Friday, June 27, 2008

craft I want to try!

While serching for unique crafts to try I found this and want to share it with you. So have fun and try it out!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Bling shoes with tutorial!

approximatly 140 5mm flatback or hotfix crystals clear crystals
108 pink or color of choice 5mm flatback or hotfix crystals 6 for each flower (I put 6 folwers on each side of the shoe)
18 green or color of choice 4mm hotfix or flatback crystals for flower centers
converse or knock offs size of choice (these were faded glory from walmart for 6 bucks)
e6000 glue
hotfix applicator (opinoitial) or Iron

very simple just get a pair of converse or knock offs (these are $6 faded Glory from walmart) flatback or hotfix crystals I used 5mm available at walmart and hobby lobby they have the Swarovski and the Korean I used the korean glass much cheaper but the expensive swarovski really shine and are real lead crystal so I did not want to use the lead ones for my dd but would be great for a teen. You need e6000 glue available at walmart in the craft section the next time I make them I will use double stick tape to help hold the crystals while I glue them on it can get messy and apply the glue on the back of the crystal and the place I want the crystal to go. I started at the top and worked down and just winged it as I went down for the flower design. For the flowers on the side I heat set them with a hotfix jewel setter that I purchased at hobby lobby (just follow manufacture directions) for 10 bucks but will only work on fabric and not the rubber toes (they came off the next day! let them cure for 48 to 72 hours before wearing and enjoy. feel free to ask any questions I cant get a better pic because the shine casts too much of a glare with my camera phone and I cant seem to find my real camara hope you enjoy! Happy crafting!