Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hectic around here!

Well things have been so hectic around here! We have retired from foster parenting with our last kido going home to mom. I know she will do well so I feel good about it. I have busy fixing up the kids rooms and they both want their rooms painted like yesterday. Jacob wants Transformers with blue paint and Hope wants a pink room but wants Ariel bedding so I just got the bedding and I am really doing the room in pink and black like she picked out. There is a wall at church in the bathroom done in zebra stripes that she wants but then she also like flowers I will probably do one wall in flowers and skip the zebra stripes. I am also redoing my bathroom in orange and brown, people cringe when I say that but I also did my dinning room in those colors and it looks great! Melissa was due on the 4th and they are inducing tomorrow I think so maybe he will be born on my birthday or our anniversary! Either way I am excited! I have made a few skirts and shirts and a few more pairs of bling shoes for her but I lost my camera in all of my eclectic crafty mess but there will be a tute soon on a skirt I made so keep an eye out! I just hope I find my camara before the baby comes!

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