Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Puppies Shlabs or Labra peis

Well my Shar pei had her puppies last night (on my couch! ) well they are so cute all is forgiven and the Couch will be going to the Dump soon, lol. My 4 year old has named them Jingle Bells (male)and Mary Christmas or Christmas Carol (the girl) I did not plan on theses babies but my 4 year old let her out and the black Lab was waiting on the porch! I disrupted the hook up so only 2 puppies but they are so cute I just had to share. my DD told our girl Lucy that that was the best Christmas present ever! she thought Santa Had brought the puppies along with all of her presents last night, lol! They were waiting for her when she woke up this morning!

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Raye said...

Just popped over here searching for picks of what you did to the Converse sneakers but found the new puppies! Puppies for Christmas. How sweet. Thanks for sharing the pictures.