Thursday, March 26, 2009

the easiest bread I have ever made

I haven't baked bread for over 3 years now, I knew I couldn't knead it anymore and the bread machine I borrowed to try out just didn't do it for me. That is until yesterday when I found this recipe . I cannot wait to tweak it to make it mine. It took 5 minutes to mix up(if that)12 hours to rise and 2 minutes to shape it 2 more hours to rise and 45 minutes to cook. total prep time for me was less than 7 minutes and it came out wonderful and the best part no kneading! The crust was crisp and the inside light and tender much better than the bread machine and total cost was less than 50 cents for a loaf making it great for this penny pincher here. The only down side was that I had to have my son get my ginormous cast iron dutch oven in and out of the oven. Just way too heavy for my crippled self to lift, taking donations for a La Cloche oblong baker, lol.

I plan on starting 2 loaves tonight and guard it till I can get a picture. I took the bread out of the oven at 145 and had to take the kids to T-ball at 2 when I got home there was only enough for me and the 2 kids to have a slice. My oldest son cut into it and my parents dropped by and took over half the loaf. Well the little piece I tried was delicious and it is a keeper! oops posted it on the wrong blog! you can see more at

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